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Building Management & Automation Systems (BMS/BAS)

 Mobix Energy, Building Management and Automation Solutions

At the core of Energy and Building Management Systems (BMS) is a reliable two-way communication infrastructure connecting all the components of the system. Be it a monitoring and control HVAC systems where temperature sensors provide continuous readings from throughout the facility (residential, commercial schools etc.) so a centralized control system can optimize heating expenses, or a campus wide facility management alert system, or Demand Response system reacting to real-time consumption and pick demand, or sub-metering of electricity, water and/or gas, in all cases and many more, the performance of those systems depend on consistent flow of monitoring data and control instructions which the Mobix technologies guarantees.


Mobix n-DNet™ - Key Features:

•        Highly cost efficient

•        Unmatched reliability

•        Secured

•        Scalable

•        Products simple to install and maintain

•        Device agnostic

•        Open for 3rd parties’ system integration

The wireless temperature sensor is a highly cost efficient unit designed specifically for Energy and Building Management Systems (BMS). This low cost, battery powered unit utilizes the Mobix patented n-dimensional n-DNet™ network for its exceptionally reliable Two-Way communications with the central system. In turn, guarantying consisted stream of accurate data to the central system