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Holland Lab Test

In March 2012 Mobix Wireless Solutions Ltd. has successfully completed the testing of its n-DNet™ communication technology at the test centre of Stedin Meetbedrijf in Delft (Netherland). This test was performed for the Netbeheer Utility Consortium.

The goal was to test Mobix communication platform as a feasible solution for the rollout of Smart meters in the Netherlands.

During a various number of Lab tests Mobix technology was tested for different parameters such as an ability of n-DNet™ network to establish a point to point connection between the backend system and the meters; good performance of this connection and security parameters.  During the tests Mobix has showed its unique value propositions as:

- smart PLC & Full Mesh RF n-DNet™ connectivity for high performance and reliability
- unified infrastructure supporting high level of interoperability
- simplicity of installation and operation
- highest standards of security and support
- full bi-directional communication with Electricity, Gas, Water and Heat meters

Mobix was honored by getting approved of its n-DNet™ technology as a high performance and cost-effective solution which meets the challenges of the energy transition.