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IIR Conference “Energy Metering & Billing 2012”

IIR Conference “Energy Metering & Billing 2012”

Mobix Wireless Solutions Dutch partner – Smart Utility Solutions has attended the IIR Conference “Energy Metering & Billing 2012” on June 2012.

The main theme of the conference was: smart metering with the consumer as focus point. The participants were mainly grid and utility companies which are now in the middle of the small rollout and in preparation of the large roll-out.

Smart Utility Solutions presented the Mobix solution on a real-live demo kit and discussed with a large number of attendants about the added value of the Mobix technology.

Jeroen van Daal (MD of Smart Utility Solutions): "we had a lot of attention from the participants, especially from the different grid companies which are interested to see the n-DNet technology as a possible solution for the large roll-out in The Netherlands".