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An integrated communication module for electricity meters

The n-DNet™ InterHUB is a consumer premise integrated communication unit. It provides the interface between the n-DNet™ Neighborhood Area Network (NAN) and the consumer’s smart metering and control devices. The InterHUB controls its host electricity meter, additional meters (Gas, Water, and Heat) and In-Home display via RF.

The InterHUB was specifically desgin to fit the Landis+Gyr E350 modular smart meter product line, and is available for the complete product range, including single and 3-phase meters.

As an n-DNet™ node, the InterHUB communicates with the Concentrator directly or via a neighboring node in the mesh. By integrating Mobix patented technology, US patent 8254251 transmission to/from the Concentrator is done simultaneously over the mesh RF and PLC layers,  while constantly ensuring the best route is used.

* For more technical information please download Data Sheet.