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  • Tamir Fishman - CIG Venture fund

    The Tamir Fishman-CIG Venture fund began investments in 2009, as a partnership between Tamir Fishman Inc, MDC Group, and the Russian Venture Company RVC. The establishment of the fund is the first of its kind to operate in Russia with joint Israel-Russian management. Tamir Fishman which brings years of experience, expertise and success in hi-tech venture investing joined with local MDC Group to establish a joint venture capital fund under the Russian government tender program managed by the RVC. The Tamir Fishman-CIG fund is approximately $70 million and will invest in areas that we have strong experience and strategic advantages.

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  • Albatros Energy

    Albatros Energy is dedicated to providing state of the art power solutions using new and (well-maintained) pre-owned power equipment. We specialize in equipment from US, European or Japanese manufacturers only.

    Together with the logistic and financial backing of a well established US group, Albatros Energy is poised to take on challenging power projects not customarily seen in the Middle Eastern and African market.

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