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n-DNet Meter Data Management

Software Solution

As part of Mobix n-DNet™ complete AMI solution, a smart back office Meter Data Management (MDM) software solution is provided. The solution provides all the facets required to manage a metering application, alerts and escalation capabilities.

The main components of the n-DNet™ MDM are:

AMI GateWay

A dedicated Communication Server, implemented as a service, which controls the data flow to and from the concentrators. The Gateway is designed with smart multi threading which enables maximum load and throughput of the system. The scalable solution can be executed on multiple machines, covering different locations and deployments. The Gateway connects to the AMI DB or 3rd party MDM systems.


AMI DB is a dedicated database for the AMI system with backup, maintenance and interface services. The DB is based on MS-SQL Server. When integrated with other MDM systems, can be used as a temporary DB

MDM Browser

A web based management system which enables monitoring and controlling of the meters. Multiple reports and analysis capabilities with the ability to tailor data as required. The MDM browser provides online demand information and usage display, multi language interface, hierarchical access with different levels of authorization and security and multiple user level access (utility experts, managers, end consumers)


ADAM is s web configuration service for all parameters of meters and users, including:

•    Sub leasing / sub contracting of the AMI service

•    Adding new users and passwords

•    Define new meters, concentrators and entities

•    Smart search engine


An open API that enables easy and quick integration with any other backend IT solution implemented. The API provides easy and quick access to the MDM DB for any type of information extraction.

* For more technical information please download Data Sheet.