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n-DNet™  MiniHUB – Network Interface Unit

Collects, stores and forwards data from the meters

 The n-DNet™ MiniHUB is a standalone network interface unit connecting endpoints to the Mobix patented n-Dimensional Network (see box for n-DNet™ description) It is a feature rich MiniHUB designed to collect, store and forward data from the electric, gas and/or water with Pulse, RS-232 or M-Bus outputs meters. A backup battery ensures data and operational integrity including last gasp message so critically important for outage management.

As a node on the patented n-Dimensional mesh network, US patent 8254251, the n-DNet™ MiniHUB communicates simultaneously in parallel over RF and PLC, thereby guaranteeing continuous reliable two-way communications at the highest cost efficiency. System tampering detection, parameter driven abnormal consumption and remote service connect/disconnect are among the smart n-DNet™ MiniHUB unique features.



n-DNet™ Repeater

Mobix n-DNet MiniHUB can also be used as a Repeater unit. When the MiniHUB functions as a Repeater it is not connected to certain meter or group of meters but as a stand-alone unit which is installed between network nodes (multiple) and enables scalability and better connectivity. The Repeater receives data from other nodes and transmits the data to the Concentrator. 

The most common use of a Repeater in a Mobix n-DNet network is when the meters are connected to RF-Only EndPoints. The meters transmit the data via RF, the Repeater collects the data and transmits it forward using n-DNet communications (RF & PLC signals simultaneously).


* For more technical information please download Data Sheet.